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unlikely_slash's Journal

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Affiliated with the lovely capslock_stugh for if you'd rather Stephen & Hugh stayed together and away from any cheeky pineapples!

And anyone who's here for the House/House/House may like to know we are also affiliated with capslock_house.

Moreover, we recognise that this is an inherently rude sort of community and so we won't lay the smackdown on you for being rude. We do request, however, that acutal photos of gineys and doodles and nakedness be put under a cut. That is to say, things like this are not against the rules of the community and aren't, you know, off-topic or banned or nowt, but this way people who just want to have a bit of fun putting silly couples together or would rather not look at a big ding-dong do get a heads-up.
'bum' as a verb, amelie/dexter holland, andy warhol/dawn french, anna nicole-smith/thomas the tank-engine, aristotle/ned flanders, barbara streisand/yoko ono, bill oddie/alan partridge, blackadder/george/speckled jim, bubbles chimp/yuri gagarin, bumlords, bumming, calum/webber, carwash/the moog/frieda kahlo, chandler/duck, charles darwin/britney spears/jelly, che guevara/ready brek man, churchill/hitler/slade, colin creevy/a girl, criswell/pele, cutting out heads, daria/tony blair, derek zoolander/grampa simpson, dobby/mrs. norris, douglas the butterman/madonna, douglas the butterman/pilsbury doughboy, dr franklin fu/medibot, dusty springfield/house, eddie izzard/condoleza rice, egon schiele/egon spengler/slimer, emma goldman/henry miller, fred/george/filch, fry/laurie/douglas the butterman, fuck/all, fyodor dostoevsky/christina aguilera, ginny weasley/pikachu, glen danzig/michael jackson, greta garbo/smithers, greyscaling a weasel, harold bishop/hugh grant/lou carpenter, homer/mountain dew, hotttttttttttttttttt, house/house/house, hugh laurie/michael jackson, immanuel kant/peter singer, jack sparrow/immanuel kant, jamie oliver/margaret thatcher, jarvis cocker/jenna jameson, jean-paul sartre/rosie odonnell, jesus/mary/joseph, kate millett/sigmund freud, kemal/prince william/bourbon biscuit, mao zedong/pliny the elder, marilyn manson/prince charles, mary-kate olsen/a donut, michael jackson/marge dursley, michael jackson/nelson mandela, michel foucault/your mum, monkey magic/david spade, morrissey/milhouse, morrissey/stephen fry, morrissey/the queen, mozart/house, nicky wire/diana ross, noah taylor/patty/selma, not actually slash, oscar wilde/ringo, picasso/einstein, plato/ayn rand, poo/chocolate, prince/rupert murdoch, princess diana/kula shaker, princess mary/yosamite sam, rare slash, really obvious people, remus lupin/she-ra, ronald mcdonald/vernon dursley, ross/monica, rotating heads, roy orbison in clingfilm, rupert grint/joseph stalin, sandy/pickersgil, sid vicious/roger climpson, simon pegg/barbara cartland, sky mangel/charlie chaplin, slash, stephen fry/fry futurama, stephen fry/liza minelli, the beast/ian curtis/jealous sebastiAn, the goodies/chris morris, thomaf/stephen fryf, tom/jerry/audrey hepburn, tor johnson/kathy wood, troy mclure/lombard-direct phone, umbridge/firenze, unlikely slash, victoria sponge/garibaldi biscuit, von trapp family/osbournes, wonky heads, yoko ono/bob the builder, you/anyone