Inspired by [info]caf_pow's inspiring Green Man icon and Ted Bellingham Archive.


THE GREEN MAN: Works as the "Walk" symbol on pedestrian crossings. Friendly. Submissive.
THE RED MAN: "Don't walk" symbol. Green Man's life partner. Bastard. Dominant.
TED BELLINGHAM: Keep Britain Tidy logo. Full name Theodore Bellingham, also known as "Tidy Man".

Good god I'm sorry.

Adrian Monk/Bootsy Collins

Both Monk's therapist and Captain Stottlemeyer came to the conclusion that the only way for Monk to get around his phobia was to immerse himself in the dirt that he had grown to fear. And then there was Bootsy Collins, dirtier and funkier than almost anyone Captain Stottlemeyer cared to name. Monk felt at ease in Bootsy's garish presence. Bootsy could see the future, and he liked it.


Stephen Fry/Thomas Bangalter

I really want to give this community a kick up the bum, because I love love the things people make for it. I have spent a lot of time being silly with capsdaftpunklol and I'm not sure why the possibility of Stephen Fry/Thomas from Daft Punk occurred, but I promptly added it to both community's interests, and present for you now, community cross-over photoshopped adventure of love.

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